It’s ok to LOOK at the mind right in the eyes.

Just when we think…. life couldn’t be more happy and free and go so smooth…. we come face to face with a situation we dont like, one that feels like nothing we deserve or want to deal with.. This is how we become acquainted with the mind. The mind that can take us from bliss to broken all in a matter of seconds.  Well so can life, but isnt all in the way we handle it? Is it all an illusion anyway? Just the perceptions we place around all our thoughts of how we want things to go and when life doesn’t go our way, we have a choice. We can allow it to break us, or we can acknowledge that life isn’t necessarily about getting what we want, when we want it. There is a bigger plan, one we can’t identify with in the midst of bliss or our broken states. To remain OPEN in difficult times is quite possibly the biggest challenge but yet produce the greatest of rewards … We become enlightened when our hearts remain open to whatever comes in our direction.  Sounds totally insane doesn’t it? To think that the end of our suffering is to stare it in the eyes…

to just sit with our feelings and allow them. To find our utt most TRUTH… 
We are all guilty of letting our down
moments  get the best of us.  But when we realize that most everything we think is simply an illusion anyway, we can’t go wrong when we give space to learn about how we truly feel. 
I believe that at the core of our emotional responses to most everything is learned behavior we acquired over our lifetimes.  Like when things get tough we lash out in anger, or drown our sorrows with booze, or run from the issues, hide awhile. Distract with books and movies.. There are so many things we do, NOT to feel, in fact we will go out of our way to end it as soon as possible.  Push it away, and maybe, just maybe it won’t come back. 
However playing that game will keep us stuck, making the same mistakes over and over again.  But if we open to how we feel, we might find that what we thought we felt, isn’t at all truth.  The heart and path way to an enlightened self is unrelenting confrontation with our own psychological shortcomings..

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